We take pride in our work!

What we do is a somewhat niche service as there are not many companies in the UK or Internationally that offer battery refurbishment. We do take pride in our work, our standards are set high. We would not send out a completed battery that we would not accept ourselves. This is why we are happy to offer a 12 month warranty on our work.

We consider our refurbishments as a re-manufacturing of your battery rather than a repair. All the internal cells are replaced each time for new. The cells are joined using a professional battery welder, allowing a rock solid connection without damage to the cells structure. Batteries are then charged and fully tested. Returned to you performing as new and often better!

Beware of cheap fixes!

I recently had some batteries come in to be refurbished the client had previously had them refurbished elsewhere. The other company will remain nameless as we are not here to attempt damage reputations, we prefer to let the high standard of our own work speak for itself. The batteries in question had service dates stamped and had only lasted a few months, not surprising from what was found inside.

An example of poor workmanship:

Above is a dangerous example of what not to do!

To point out what is wrong with this battery. It its fairly obvious from the pictures that the general workmanship is poor. Soldering is messy the casing has been damaged and taped together.

A big and potentially hazardous problem I found is the mixture of old and new cells. Typically a battery pack is made up of several cells it is normal that one or two will eventually fail causing the whole pack to stop working. It is a cheap fix to replace only the dead cells. But you cannot just replace those individual cells for several reasons.

  • Most simply it is a false economy, as the life span of the other ‘old’ cells can not be judged, it is only a matter of time before the next one will fail and you are back to square one.
  • The new cells will hold more charge than the old cells creating an imbalance in the pack, they may then discharge into the weaker cells causing them to leak, burst or worse create a fire hazard.
  • The new cells pictured here are not even of the same rated capacity as the originals. The pack is 3.3Ah and the replacements are 3.0Ah. This will give the same hazards as mentioned above. These 3.0Ah cells will charge to capacity before the others and will then be overcharged until the higher capacity cells are reached.
  • Soldering of the cells should be avoided. This will cause heat damage to them before they have even been used. A purpose built battery spot welder should be used for battery assembly.
  • The poor soldered joints have come lose and started to arc dangerously inside the casing blackening the cells. This would quickly damage the cells and of course create a fire hazard.


Our refurbishments save you money. We only use Top Quality A Grade cells in our refurbishment process. All the cells are professionally replaced – Our work is guaranteed and backed by a 12 month warranty!