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We can refurbish your battery for a fraction of the cost of a replacement

Virtually any rechargeable battery operated equipment can be recelled e.g. Power tools, Torches, Flash guns, Lighting systems, Survey stations, Radios, Bike Lights and many more…

If you are using equipment with a NI-CD or NI-MH battery power pack then it is likely that we can help refurbish it.

our NI-CD and NI-MH packs can also have there capacity upgraded to give longer run times. So you can work longer without untimely interruptions!

We only use Top Quality A Grade cells in our refurbishment process. We replace ALL the cells in your pack leaving it like new. Please beware of cheap fixes such as shocking old cells or only replacing single cells, don’t be fooled these methods simply don’t work and can leave you with a dangerously unstable battery pack. Our work is carried out using specialist equipment and is backed by a 12 month warranty!

We cannot refurbish:

  • Electric bikes
  • Golf Carts
  • Laptops
  • Mobiles
  • Medical

Please Note: 
We do not supply complete replacement battery packs you will need to send your old/dead ones for us to rebuild.

We do not supply cells for DIY install as we use machines to professional solder the batteries and giving you 2 years of peace of mind with our 2-year warranty.

We can only recell a few types of Lithium Ion Li-ion batteries depending on the brand.

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    Most Commanly Asked Questions

    • Can I charge my Lithium Battery with a car charger?

    • NO. DO NOT DO THIS. This will end with a visit to the hospital with major burns and or shrapnel embedded in you. 

    • How do I tell what chemical my Battery is?

    • On your battery it will say either NICD or CD for Cadnium, NIMH or MH for Metal Hydride or Lithium Ion or Li Ion. 

    • Will my old charger still charge my new cells?

    • Yes, providing your charger is capable of charging the chemical of cell which is installed. It may take a little longer to charge due to the increased capacity.

    • Can you upgrade my battery to Lithium Ion?

    • No. Lithium Ion needs to use a Battery Management System, which is a circuit board, that your old case was not designed for. Also you would need a new charger which is designed for Lithium Ion as it uses a totally different charge profile.