KILLS COVID-19 and 99.9% of Bacteria

Dispenses Klorman “Biochlor” disinfectant in single-use/disposable refills. Highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi as well as bio- and blood-spills. Direct spray of disinfectant is MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BATCH-MIXED SOLUTIONS that have to be pre-blended and applied manually with cloths, mops and brushes which are easily deactivated by environmental factors (dirt, cross-contamination etc).


  • NO MIXING, NO MEASURING. All you need is access to a tap and a standard garden hosepipe – just clip and spray!
  • Dispenses highly-active organic chlorine (NaDCC) in an active disinfectant jet with an oxidation-reduction (ORP) level above 750 millivolts (mV). Refills are not classified as hazardous for transport and storage.
  • Refill tablets, suitable for spray up to 10-15minutes
  • Suitable for up 4-bar (60 PSI) pressure


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